How I went from being kicked out of school… to topping all of my subjects in Year 12!

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Ikram is a current Year 12 student at Beyond Tutoring. Over the past two years, he has worked tirelessly to improve his marks and fulfill his potential. Below is his written testimony of his experience at Beyond.

Imagine spending 10 years of your life at the same school, creating valuable memories with friends and teachers, and it all coming to an end as a result of having to leave due to poor marks.


Assalamu Alaikum!

My name is Ikram, and I had spent Kindy to Year 10 at the same school, building valuable relationships and creating worthwhile experiences, but unfortunately, never really prioritised getting good marks. In Year 10, I was asked to leave due to my poor academics, causing stress and concern to my family.

I lost hope as a result of this devastating situation, and was placed in Punchbowl Boys in Year 11.

Nevertheless, I decided to put all the negativity behind me and strive to work on becoming more serious about my studies, to improve not only my marks but also to improve myself. My main objective was to put in my best effort and prove everyone wrong, whilst also making my family proud in these last 2 years of school.

This is when I was introduced to Beyond Tutoring by a friend, who claimed that this tutoring place has really helped his son improve his marks and that maybe I should give it a go. I accepted this piece of advice which changed my life forever.

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I began my journey at Beyond Tutoring with Mathematics and English and slowly recognised changes in my study habits, and actually began learning new things. After classes continued every week, I was gaining numerous helpful tips, skills, and knowledge which allowed me to actually enjoy studying. I gained immense support from my tutors every day and began seeing my marks spike, which put a smile on my parents’ faces. 

With the outstanding help and support from my tutors at Beyond Tutoring, I ranked 1st place in Maths and English, however I wanted to push myself even further. As I started Year 12, I was expecting a heavier workload, which of course meant even more studying, dedication, and consistency required on my behalf which could not have been met without the help of my tutors. Therefore, I requested to join even more classes, for two more subjects which also needed improvement. This is when I began Business Studies and Biology.

Beyond Tutoring offered me a comfortable environment to learn, flourish and make mistakes, whilst it also allowed me to stay motivated. With the help of amazing tutors at Beyond Tutoring such as Donia (who tutors me for business) – her work, effort, and consistency in helping students such as myself meet their goals has been phenomenal. My marks were pushed from 74% in Year 11 to now being in the 90s in Year 12. I now rank 1st place in Business Studies at school, being the very first student at Punchbowl Boys to achieve a 20/20 Business Report. 

Through all these achievements, I slowly started recognising my own potential, which my tutors have unleashed. My maths tutor, Ayah, has also allowed me to achieve high marks, seen by my huge improvement from Year 11 to Year 12, while my English tutor Mahmoud enhanced my vocabulary significantly, with greater marks achieved in my internals. I am now currently placed 1st in all 4 of these subjects and this journey will continue In Shaa Allah, with trials and HSC awaiting…

At Beyond, we focus on helping each individual student identify their strengths and weaknesses, using those to propel them towards their goals and aspirations!

Thank you to Mohammad and Imad for allowing me to join all these classes. I have been able to achieve my goals and finally make my parents proud.

I can confidently say that if you wish to unlock your potential, build your character and smash school altogether, Beyond Tutoring is the way to go.

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