Struggling with school? Access life-changing tutoring for just $5/lesson! ​

This term, we’re transforming not just marks, but also students’ lives, for a whopping 90% off usual prices!

It’s now halfway through the school year…

Are your children struggling to keep up with the content they’re going through at school? Are they stuck in a big class, stressing as they try to wrap their head around Pythagoras Theorem? Are they struggling to understand how to write PEEL paragraphs?

Unfortunately, as school classes get bigger and bigger, teachers get more overworked, and children’s attention spans get smaller and smaller, a growing number of students are falling behind in school. The sad reality is that our students aren’t getting the attention that they require.

They may be coming home and asking you to help with their homework… but between everything else going on, there’s only so much you can do during the evenings! You might have taken your kids to other tutoring centres, where they’re sitting in overcrowded classrooms, and not benefitting at all. In fact, many tutoring centres operate just like schools, with a teacher speaking at a class of 15+ students who are hearing (and missing!) the exact same things they hear in school.

This is the number one complaint that we’ve heard from parents as they approach us at Beyond Tutoring over the last three years, seeking a way to get their child back on track. 

We go beyond this, pushing these children to go AHEAD of their class!

At Beyond Tutoring, we adopt a holistic and evidenced-based approach towards tuition, focusing on more than just our student’s marks. Our teachers don’t just stand in front of the class, speaking for two hours. We’ve set up all of our rooms with round-table seating, as we incorporate collaborative learning techniques which have been proven to work by peer-reviewed, published journal articles.

Our methods are all based on the most recent research which details what works (and what doesn’t work) for students today.

Students are deep and complex individuals who need not just someone to help improve their education, but also someone to guide and mentor them as they identify their personal style and the strategies that work for them. We focus on each individual student, developing a personal connection with our students, so that we are able to cater for their needs, build their strengths, and develop their weaknesses.

We do this in small group classes (maximum 6 students!), where students can identify that they’re not alone in this struggle. Students are able to form strong bonds with their tutors and classmates, creating a fun, interactive, and enjoyable classroom setting (can you imagine your child actually being excited to go to maths class after school?!). Because our classes are so small, tutors can spend more 1-on-1 time with each student, offering them personalised help and guidance, while efficiently tracking each student’s progress, and ensuring that no student is left behind.

This has been our experience for the three years in which we’ve been operating, right in the heart of Bankstown. Many of our students came in struggling. Parents desperate for help. Months later, those same students have developed new friendships, are enjoying their learning, and even topping their classes!

Don’t believe me? Have a listen to what one of our students had to say:

Imagine spending 10 years of your life at the same school, creating valuable memories with friends and teachers, and it all comes to an end due to your poor marks. In Year 10, I was asked to leave my school for this reason, causing stress and concern to my family. I lost hope as a result of this devastating situation, and was placed in Punchbowl Boys in Year 11.

This is when I was introduced to Beyond Tutoring.

I began my journey at Beyond with Maths and English and slowly recognised changes in my study habits, and actually began learning new things. In Year 12, I began attending 4 tutoring classes a week. Beyond Tutoring offered me a comfortable environment to learn, flourish, and make mistakes, while pushing me to stay motivated.  With the outstanding help and support from my tutors at Beyond Tutoring, I ranked 1st place in Maths, English, Biology, and Business Studies at school, being the very first student at Punchbowl Boys to achieve a 20/20 Business Report. 

Through all of these achievements, I slowly started recognising my own potential, which my tutors have unleashed. I have been able to achieve my goals and finally make my parents proud. I can confidently say that if you wish to unlock your potential, build your character, and smash school all together, Beyond Tutoring is the way to go!

Ikram, Year 12
student facing whiteboard
Read more about Ikram’s experience here.

This is just one of the many success stories.

  • Over the past 3 years, we’ve served over 200 students in our centre, from Kindergarten to HSC.
  • Our students have come from higher ranking private schools such as Al Noori, Al Faisal, and Alpha Omega, as well as local public schools such as East Hills Boys, East Hills Girls, Bankstown Public School, and Punchbowl Boys. 
  • In 2020, our HSC students achieved 66 Band 5 or 6 subject marks, and 90% of them got into their desired university courses! Many of these students were struggling to even pass their subjects when they began at Beyond.
  •  This year, our efforts have been recognised as we’ve been named as Finalists for the Bankstown Local Business Awards.

So what are you waiting for?

Invest in your children’s lives and enrol at Beyond, as we help relieve the stress of having to worry about whether they’re understanding the difficult concepts taught at school. Our tutors will connect with your children and help them even outside of the class curriculum, offering mentorship and guidance throughout a student’s formative years. Your kids will feel welcome within our centre, as we encourage them to share their concerns and seek help in areas where they may struggle to open up to other teachers, tutors, and mentors.

This term, we want to make our services accessible for as many students as possible. We want your kids to get the help that they need.

So we’re doing something absolutely crazy.

We’re offering all group classes from Kindergarten to Year 11 in Term 3 for…

only $5/lesson.

That’s more than 90% off our standard tuition rates! Rather than paying $700 a term*, you’ll only be paying $50. 

*normal cost of 10 weeks of tuition for a Year 11 group class.

Your kids will come home actually understanding what they’ve been taught in school. They’ll be connected with students experiencing similar struggled. Taught by tutors who’ve been in the same position and know exactly where they’re coming from. All of this, for the price of a steak

We’re only offering this during the holidays, so you’ve got to get in quick!

But wait, there’s more!

For anyone who registers this week, we’re going to throw in a BONUS 500 piece Human Body Puzzle. Rather than sitting hours on in front of the Netflix and Playstation, these puzzles will be a great way for the family to get together over an exciting  activity. This will not only help learn biology and anatomy but also develop the student’s spatial reasoning skills.

This term of tutoring won’t be like any other for your children. If you want to transform not just your child’s marks, but also their lives, then it’s time to go Beyond. Our regular workshops, activities, and events for our students, will allow them to develop important life skills, learn new things, and build themselves in a fun environment. We don’t want you to miss out on this life-changing opportunity.

Simply CLICK HERE, and register by the 11th of July, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible for a freeconsultation to discuss your struggles, abilities, strengths, and see how can cater for your student. 

  • This offer is available for all new students from Kindergarten to Year 11, at a rate of $5/lesson.
  • This offer does not apply to 1-on-1 lessons.
  • The term payment must be made before the start of Term 3.
  • The term payment is non-refundable.