not just marks.

Good education...

Transforms lives

Empowers families

Builds communities

Changing the face of tutoring

At Beyond Tutoring, we adopt a holistic approach to tuition, focusing on more than just our student’s marks. Students are complex individuals who need not just someone to help improve their education, but also someone to guide and mentor them through this complex world that we live in.


That’s what we focus on – developing a personal connection with our students, so that we are able to cater for their needs, build their strengths, and develop their weaknesses. We aim to produce well-rounded individuals who can set their sights high and achieve their dreams.


Because we believe that a good education can transform lives, empower families, and build communities.

Primary Maths

We recognise that many primary school students encounter difficulties in the fundamental areas of Maths, and our mission is to help them build the essential skills needed for mathematical success.


Primary English

We focus on building strong foundations for our young learners. The early years are crucial for shaping a student’s language skills, and we’re here to provide the essential tools they need to succeed.

High School Maths

Many students struggle with core foundations of maths, especially Algebra, and find themselves lacking confidence, affecting their overall enjoyment of the subject. We aim to rebuild these foundations and rekindle their enthusiasm!

High School English

Many students, especially from diverse backgrounds, face challenges as they embark on their high school journey, often grappling with fundamental aspects of the English language.


Beyond offers the most comprehensive UCAT course in Sydney. We partner with Medify for premium resources, as well as providing detailed group and 1-on-1 lessons, Q&A sessions, mock exams and interview practice!