High School (Years 7-10)

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

– John Dewey

Our High School Course

Early high school is one of the most integral periods of learning for school students. During this period, habits are formed which will be the basis of a student’s future success. Furthermore, it is during these years that key concepts that form the foundations of literacy and numeracy are taught.

Our interactive classes are designed to build these fundamentals, while also nurturing the right study habits and discipline required for future years – it’s all about the way you study, not the hours spent studying.

We maintain small class sizes, so that our tutors are able to focus on your child’s individual learning styles and needs. We also ensure that our classes are fun and interactive, so your child will LOVE coming to our tutoring classes!

Lesson Breakdown

2 hour classes

15 mins – Review & consolidation

55 mins – Explanation & implementation

30 mins – Test yourself

20 mins – Revision & preparing ahead

Course Structure

Note: These programs are provisional and subject to change depending on students’ needs.




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