Finding Motivation to Study at Home

Studying at home can be challenging for anyone. There are so many distractions around you, and it’s so easy to just lie down on your bed, or watch just one more episode of that show you’re binging, or just keep scrolling through social media.

But as a student, your studies are important and especially when you have exams right around the corner, it’s crucial that you put an organized and conscious effort into studying. The good news is that finding the motivation too study at home is not impossible if you know the right tips and tricks. Here are some of the most effective ways to find the motivation to study at home.  

Understand your studying style

There are various studying styles and what works for your friend may not necessarily work for you. It is important that you take the time to really understand which style works best for you. Maybe you are most productive early in the morning or at night, or maybe you are more of a visual learner who understands easily with visual aids like graphs and flow charts as opposed to someone who just reads.

Whatever your style may be, give yourself enough time to figure it out and follow what works best for you.

Dig deeper into why you procrastinate studying

If you keep putting your studies off, dig deeper and understand why you do this. You may think it is just laziness, but psychologists believe that there are actually legitimate reasons behind why we procrastinate.

For example, you may procrastinate because you think your learning materials are beyond your abilities, or you think the topics are uninteresting or not challenging enough for you. Maybe it is because you find it extremely overwhelming and are afraid or do not know where to start.

Understanding the real reasons behind why it’s so difficult for you to study allows you to come up with solutions that actually work because you are tackling the root cause.

Break down what you have to study into smaller chunks

This is a tip that always works when any task at hand is way too overwhelming for you, and it works even for finding the motivation to study at home. If you have to study an entire chapter, break it down into smaller chunks based on topics. If you have to study a topic that you are intimidated by, maybe you can read through it once and then divide in into several smaller sub-topics.

Maybe a chunk for you is completing five questions at a time. Whatever it is, breaking down your study material leaves you with a series if chunks that are manageable instead of one huge scary task.

Create a study time table or routine and actually stick to it

One of the most effective ways to find the motivation to study at home is simply making it a part of your everyday routine. This way, you don’t have to find extra time or put extra effort into studying because it is part of your day now.

Decide how many hours you will study daily, find out which time of day you are most productive in, and create a time table for yourself. Usually, five to six hours a day is the maximum time you can designate to yourself before your productivity starts decreasing.

Have a designated study space

If you want to find the motivation to study at home and get into a routine, having a designated study space will definitely help you. Whether you have a study room or a desk in your bedroom, make sure that you can only carry out your studies in this space. It can be tempting to just study from your bed or the couch, but this can get you lazy very easily and affect your focus and concentration.

Having a clean and organized study space that is free from distractions serves as a motivation for you to study. Since that area is only for studying, you train your brain to automatically get in the zone once you sit down in front on your desk after a few days.

Take time to really understand, not simply memorize

Way too many students make the mistake of simply trying to memorize their study materials rather than taking the time to really understand it. Learning is about expanding your knowledge, not just memorizing facts. Suppose you actually understand a certain concept, the relationships between concepts, or any topic for that matter. In that case, it will be far more rewarding for you, not to mention that you will actually remember it for longer.

Sure, rote memorization may be necessary sometimes, but understanding a topic is often more effective and will help you stay motivated to study even more.

Don’t forget to take rest and reward yourself

Finally, remember to give yourself enough time to rest and relax. Studying is a challenging task that can be exhausting, especially when you have done it for hours. Besides, taking breaks in between ensures that you don’t overwork and exhaust yourself. This way, you can follow a healthy study routine. In addition to taking breaks, don’t forget to reward yourself once you have completed a goal that you have set for yourself. Maybe you just finished a chapter you find overwhelming, or maybe you’re halfway through a topic that you have struggled with for days. Whatever your achievement is, celebrate it by rewarding yourself accordingly.

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