UCAT 2023

Kickstart your dreams today!

Are you trying to get into Medicine or Dentistry? 


You would have heard of the UCAT, but you might not be sure where to start your journey. We’ve got you covered! 


Beyond Tutoring has guided hundreds of students through their UCAT adventure, just like Sara in the video below, working with them to help understand the different requirements and pathways into Medicine and Dentistry; break down the 5 sections of the UCAT in detail; and guiding them along the process of boosting their marks!



Our Beyond UCAT course, priced at only $1495, includes:


  • Medify subscription (12 months)
  • 21 hours’ group lessons (online or face-to-face), analysing techniques needed to master all 5 sections
  • 2 hours’ 1-on-1 lessons, scheduled by you
  • Fortnightly online Q&A sessions
  • Access to our UCAT Video tutorials
  • Access to UCAT chat groups with fellow students and experienced tutors
  • Free Medical School Application reviews
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